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Curved Brake Lining

kavisli balata
They are produced in fixed curves and measures for the vehicles equipped with brakes in drum type (with drum brakers) including soft metal chips with non-asbestic synthetic binding resins and special additives. They are recommended for the braking orders of middle and heavy service vehicles (trucks, traylers, road and excavation machines) and machines. They have long working life and higher mechanical resistence without damaging drums. They are presented to sale being ready to mount convenient to the shoes of the vehicles they are belong to.
CURVED BRAKE LINING BASED ON RUBBER They are fixed curved brake linings based on rubber developped by varied binders. They are easily processed and adapted well to shoe surface. They are convenient to riveting and sticking. They have a large use areas in brakes and handbrakes of small and middle class vehicles. Their braking abilities are high and wear lives are normal. They are presented to sale in various widths and thicknesses in measures convenient to shoe.
Use Areas
In drum brake systems of buses, trucks, semi-trailed trucks, trailers, engineering vehicles, midibuses minibuses, pickups and automobiles. They are nailed and stuck on brake shoes.

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