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Industrial Brake Lining (Industry-Machine Brake Lining)

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They are special quality produced  for eccentric presses and earth movers systems. They have a constant friction for their all lives. They are supplied to market as being ready to be mounted in direction of special orders.
They are flexible brake linings with rubbered binders and changeable curves. They are easily processed. They are adopted to shoe very well and convenient to riveting and sticking. There are very large use areas for brake and handbrakes. Their braking ability is high and wear lives are normal. They are supplied to market in various width and thicknesses in measures convenient to shoe.
Use Areas
In cold shears brake lining at the rolling mills of iron and steel plants.
Overhead cranes.
Emergent brake shoes of cranes of 50 tons.
Disc brakes of forklifts
Forklift disc brakes
Steel wire drawing machines
Tractor drum brake system and trailer brake soes
Crane brake shoes of iron and steel plants (Sibre brake systems etc.)
Eccentric presses
Ship crane pulley brakes
Handbrake pulleys
Lift brake shoes

All machine brake linings at plants.
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